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Revere Housing Authority provides housing assistance to low income residents through the management of HUD programs such as Low Rent Public Housing and the Housing Choice Voucher Program – Section 8 and State programs such as State Public Housing and the Massachusetts Rental Voucher Program. These programs are income based and the eligibility guidelines are set by HUD or DHCD, respectively. There may be waiting lists for rentals or vouchers and at times the lists may close to new applicants based on the size of and length of wait on the lists. If you are in need of housing assistance in the area please contact the Housing Authority directly to obtain more information about eligibility requirements, availability of rentals or vouchers, the status of any waiting lists and their application procedures.

Our Properties

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Address Units Program
148 – 172 Pomona Street 8 14-1
10 – 96 Rose Street 43 14-1
905 – 927 Broadway 10 14-1
1 – 77 Hutchinson Street 39 14-1
250 – 272 Cushman Avenue 11 14-2
257 – 315 Cooledge Street 38 14-2
2 Harris Street 45 14-3
Address Units
25 – 256 Cooledge Street 135
4 – 216 Constitution Avenue 115
4 – 29 Raymond Road 14
86 – 140 Adams Street 24
Address Units
169 – 187A Proctor Street 20
204 – 234 Cushman Avenue 16
102 – 134 Eliot Road 34
186 – 194 Garfield Avenue 12
1 – 15 Adams Court 60
45 Dolphin Avenue 103
50 Walnut Avenue 106
Address Total Units: 69
1 – 3 Dana Street
168 – 170 Hitchborn Street
174 – 176 Hitchborn Street
39 Highland Street
20 – 22 Thornton Street
65 Thornton Street
45 Walnut Avenue
47 Nahant Avenue/td>
51 – 57 47 Nahant Avenue
1513 North Shore Road
110 – 112 Shirley Avenue
84 – 86 Walnut Avenue
128 – 130 Walnut Avenue
50 – 52 Pleasant Street

Revere Housing Authority (RHA) is committed to providing a full-range of safe, secure, suitable, and appropriate affordable housing opportunities to extremely low, very-low and moderate-income family, elderly, and disabled households in a fair manner. The RHA is committed to assisting all residents who are moving from welfare-to-work with affordable housing opportunities that do not act as a disincentives to economic advancement. We are committed to deconcentrating poverty within its conventional public housing developments and attempting to provide support wider access to affordable housing opportunities throughout the entire community. The RHA is committed to fair and non-discriminatory practices throughout all of its housing programs and activities.

Housing Files

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Central Waiting List

Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher
Centralized Waiting List

Apply or Check Status

The net household income limits for state-aided family housing are:

1 Person
2 People
3 People
4 People
5 People
6 People
7 People
8 People

Annual Report

Senior Staff

Linda Shaw
Executive Director
This being my ninth year as Executive Director, I want to say thank you to all who support and acknowledge that the Revere Housing Authority (RHA) is one of the leading and innovative housing agencies in the Commonwealth. With the help of our partners, staff and administrative team, and under the guidance of RHA’s Board of Commissioners, affordable housing has become a reality for several thousand individuals who normally would not have had a place to stay or a place to call home.
Karen Connery
Deputy Director for Operations
As Deputy Director for Operations with over 21 years of working at the RHA, I am proud to be a part of an organization that includes a Board and Executive Director who are highly motivated, dedicated and driven to maintaining the RHA as a top performer. The Board, Executive Director and staff are ensuring the integrity of the daily operation of the RHA with a commitment to excellence in performance. Our organization has successfully met the goals of the mission statement and operated effectively and in a professional manner by following the policies, procedures, rules, regulations, guidelines and laws.
Tricia Duffy
Accounts Manager
As Accounts Manager, with over twenty of years of working at the RHA, I work closely with department leaders to implement practices that are best for the RHA and the residents. Best practices and initiatives can reduce costs and enable more time to be spent on assessment of finances, personnel and tenant issues, and allow staff to function on a higher level.
Evelyn Muasya
Acting Director of Housing Management
As the Acting Director for Housing Management, Evelyn Muasya, manages the Federal, State, and Section 8 New Construction public housing portfolio. The portfolio contains 900 units. The Housing Management Department’s goal is to work with our families and their representatives in order provide a clean and safe environment for residents. Housing Management duties include lease enforcement, annual certifications, procurement, Davis-Bacon wage enforcement reporting, Energy and Performance Information Center reporting, Public and Indian Housing reporting, maintaining both the Enterprise Income Verification standards and the Capital Improvements Management System.
Karlene Maiolino
Section 8 Manager
As the Section 8 Manager, I handle the housing Assistance Payments to Landlord and Housing Authorities. I also handle the Voucher Management Systems. In addition to acceptance of applicants to the HVCP, I conduct briefings and terminations of vouchers.
The Revere Housing Authority Section 8 Department’s main goal is to provide rental assistance programs that benefit our community. The Tenant-Based Housing Choice Voucher program allows low-income families to live in privately owned home of their choice by subsiding a portion of their rent. This program gives families the flexibility to choose their own apartment in their desired neighborhood at an affordable cost. HCV Participants are responsible for finding an apartment that accepts the Housing Choice vouchers in the private market. The Housing Choice Voucher Program has recently begun participating in www.gosection8.com. This is great resource that not only benefits the Housing Choice Voucher Participants but the new and current Landlord(s) as well. Landlord(s) can list their apartments easily and efficiently. The HCV Participants can easily look for available units. The Section 8/ Leased Housing Department is consistently looking for new and innovative ways to help our clientele. Another way we have been able to achieve this goal was to procure a new inspection company; McCright & Associates Inspection company. Another noteworthy mentionable is that the Section 8 Department is consistently considered high performer from HUD.
Peter Romano
Director of Maintenance
RHA’s Maintenance Department has been working diligently on numerous modernization projects as well as daily repairs, vacant unit turnovers, and preventative measures to ensure a safe and secure living environment for RHA tenants. Staff has successfully met Mother Nature’s demand over the past year with its quick response to cleaning and repairing damage after the rare occurrence of a tornado and maintained a high task condition and standard during the winter’s snow inundation. RHA has also maintained its status as a high performer as a result of the hard work put into our state and federal unit/site inspections.


Rosa Grech
Executive Assistant
As the Executive Assistant of Revere Housing Authority, my duties can vary on a day-to-day basis. Responsibilities include but not limited are maintaining the Executive Director’s appointment schedule by planning and scheduling meetings, conferences, and travel; organizing and maintaining files and records; as well as conserving and ordering supplies for the office. My number one goal is to keep the office running smoothly which enables the Executive Director, Management, and Tenant Selectors to focus their attention on providing quality care to all of our Public Housing participants.
Dacia Keane
Administrative Assistant & Housing Receptionist
As the Administrative Assistant for Revere Housing Authority, I am the first point of contact for all clients such as tenants and applicants; my main objective is to provide information. Most applicants are seeking information or resources that will help them in their housing search. Since there is a waiting list for public housing, any help in the form of services or resources that could possibly assist an applicant is important information to pass along. I am responsible for assisting and directing phone calls by collecting information and answering their housing questions. I act as a liaison between clients and the Tenant Selection/Housing Management Departments. I assist the finance department by coding and entering bills, and generating checks. I am responsible for making sure all bills are paid on time and filed in a timely manner.
Dora Nakabuye
Tenant Selector
Dora Nakabuye maintains a wait-list of over 1,775 applicants. She carefully vets applicants by reviewing CORI and background reports to ensure that the Revere Housing Authority adds good citizens to the residential population. Dora also works alongside the Revere Housing Authority maintenance staff to ensure vacant units are leased quickly.
Robin Perry
Assistant Tenant Selector
Robin Perry maintains a wait-list of over 1,775 applicants. She carefully vets applicants by reviewing CORI and background reports to ensure that the Revere Housing Authority adds good citizens to the residential population. Robin also works alongside the Revere Housing Authority maintenance staff to ensure vacant units are leased quickly.
Jessica Capodilupo
Maintenance Clerk & Administrative Assistant
Jessica Capodilupo serves as the Maintenance Clerk/Administrative Assistant and has over twelve years’ experience with RHA. She is responsible for processing work order requests; takes an active part in projects such as coordinating timelines and communication with vendors, contractors, and tenants; maintains the shop office’s daily operations; and serves as liaison between staff and residents to provide information or address concerns. Jessica also has the pleasure of attending the monthly Board of Commissioners meetings to serve as the Board Designate to record the minutes.
Alyssa DiMaria
Mixed Population Service Coordinator
This year is Alyssa’s first year serving as Mixed Population Coordinator. RHA has an amazing group of tenants. It has been a pleasure to provide services/ supports to this community and to get to know tenants through home visits, meeting tenants at their weekly hair cut or foot doctor appointments in their buildings, or waiting for the weekly bus to grocery shop. Alyssa has been able to reestablish a relationship with Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department to provide seniors with the Senior Identification Program and hopes to expand programs with the Department by instituting the Children’s Fingerprinting Program (stay tuned!). She has also initiated a partnership with the Greater Boston Food Bank, forging the way for the Brown Bag Program that provides a bag of groceries each month for primarily seniors and some families. RHA families also participated in the first annual Playground Safety Essay and Poster contested hosted by the HAI Group and is proud to share that RHA families who participated placed third in all three categories with a prize of Walmart gift cards. Alyssa is looking forward to continuing current relationships and establishing new partnerships with community organizations to ensure that tenants are aware of and connected with supports and resources available to them.
x239 Liston Towers
x249 Hyman Towers

Section 8

Donna Marcinowski
Leased Housing Manager
As Leased Housing Manager of the MRVP, AHVP and DMH State Rental Assistance Programs, I am responsible for the overall administration of these programs. Some of the responsibilities include conducting Briefing Sessions to newly issued voucher holders and assisting them in the leasing process; performing annual renewals, interim changes and relocations; monthly debt collection, tenant waiver requests and DHCD monthly billing. It is our objective to assist eligible individuals and families with a State Mobile Housing Voucher allowing them the opportunity to reside in affordable and suitable housing.
Doreen Christie
Leased Housing Coordinator
Doreen handles re-certification, interim changes, change of ownership's and new lease ups for case Loads MF-Z.
Joan Ambrosino
Leased Housing Coordinator
As the Sr. Section 8 Leased Housing Coordinator, I am responsible for processing the necessary paperwork for Annual Re-certification, Interim Changes, Change of Ownership and Retro Rent for caseloads A-ME. In addition, I am accountable for handling new lease-ups, portability and monitoring leasing activity between tenants and landlords.
Kathleen Mulligan
FSS Coordinator
Kathleen recruits Section 8 Voucher participants for the Family Self Sufficiency program and the Home-ownership program. Please call Kathleen if you are interested.

Board of Commissioners

George  Anzuoni
Anthony Perrone
Henry Mancini
Tenant Representative
Irving Greenberg
Robert Furlong
State Appointee

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